Me: “you know, I really should apply for The(now thankfully departed)Professor’s (formerly DishyBoss’s) job, it is absolutely made for me”.

but I digress

Don: “of course it is, but you cannot work with Hecate as your manager”.

Heather: “yes, yes, do it, do it, do it, please do it – but then you would have to have Hecate as your manager, so probably don’t do it”.

MrT: “there is no-one more qualified than you for this, but Hecate would be your manager – hahahaha”.

AnxiousMum: “you really should be doing this job, you would finally make things happen! but not if Hecate was your manager.”

NotHeather: “the end to end process would really work if you were in charge, but not if Hecate was involved”.

RightHandHarridan: “you would be great for this, but nooooooo, we need you here!!!”

So yes, I should have this job, there is no-one better than me for this job, it would be a salary increase, more responsibility, I would have a ton more staff, but still something is holding me back, if only I could put my finger on what it is…

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