and still one day remaining

Holy!Goodness! we’ve actioned many, many items this weekend.

Nothing overly dramatic, but ThePalace(OfLove) is sparkling and we’ve crossed most items from the very extensive list except for: Clean The Bbq, Knitting and Find A Project.

Today I went off-list and made a prototype for drawer dividers:

Patched up a wee maus:

frankenmaus kitty treat

And mended, and ironed and watched a good deal of season 2 of silent witness (oh! the flashbacks to my 20s!)

And I’m pleased to report that I achieved one of the more scary of my Action Items: sucking it up and joining the 24 hour gym, which is approximately 8 minutes walk from ThePalace(OfLove). At $13 a week (no joining fees, no contract), is pretty sweet and $2 less a week than I was paying 7 years ago. And I am sure the knee will appreciate the squishy treadmill – though am waiting for the go-ahead from Physio on Wednesday. I’m so excited at the prospect of ANY cardio and I’ll be doing at least an hour when I get there.

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