Today marks the first day of the glorious four day weekend! Thanks Jesus!

Clever people who are not me (such as Joan, Ajax, Vincenzo, Heather, NotHeather, MrT, RightHandHarridan and just about everyone else) took the three days between Easter Monday and Anzac Day as annual leave – thus getting TEN DAYS holiday for the price of three.

Of course, not taking annual leave was fortunate because of afore-posted May miracles that Dr12 expects me to perform. I’d rather hoped not to spend the break thinking about SML, but it does so intrude at times like this.

Anyway to make the most of the four days, we’ve prepared a Giant to-do list, which has a ridiculous amount of tasks on it. Already Don has washed Panzo (thus saving $50) and I’ve de-cluttered and booked a hard-rubbish pick up to offload a desk and some doors which have been sitting in the garage for about a year.

This weekend (and ongoingly) we’ve employed Bessie as our quasi-cleaner. Being a poor student she is in dire need of cash because all of her parents are way too gainfully employed for her to qualify for government support. So this weekend she’s learning the art of dusting and bathroom (x3) cleaning. She’s doing a bang-up and very thorough job – we could become accustomed to this!

Now I’m cooking an Easter Lamb Roast (sorry Jesus) courtesy of yesterday’s fabulous lamb delivery, making bread and butter pudding and lolling about drinking (probably too much) wine.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to sign up to the 24 hour gym, so I’m all prepared to jump on that treadmill on Wednesday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “babble

  1. The ten day holiday is pretty terrific, and everyone seems to be taking it off. Of a meeting planned for Tuesday morning which I chair with 10 invitees, only 3 have resoponded (and that includes me!). And as for the cleaner? I have a fortnightly visit to do all of the things I hate – kitchen, bathroom etc – and love it. They arrive, I go out for a coffee, and by the time I’m back the house smells strongly of bleach. Love it.

    • I’m having such an excellent and peaceful time, I really wish I had taken advantage. Though I am taking the 18th off for a wee escape.

      I think we’ll definitely lash out on paying someone when Bessie bores of it – it is even more satisfying to see a sparkling shower when you have had no part in cleaning it (and ruining your poor hands in the process).

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