tiny treats

Because I am the best wife in the world, I responded with “of course, darling” when Don suggested playing a second round of golf this weekend.

And because both Don and I are in for a perfectly ghastly month in our respective places of employment, I decided to spend a little of my alone time preparing a giant batch of bolognaise and sofrito for the freezer. Unfortunately this meant braving the closest shopping centre to gather some supplies – this was a bit daunting, I briefly stepped in on Saturday and it appeared like everyone was stockpiling for the end-times.

It was a little less ghastly today, and I was rewarded with:

American Marshmallows!

So Exciting! Don has claimed forever that Australian marshmallows are hideously, disgustingly sweet and bear little resemblance to the marshmallows he grew up with – and he is totally right. I impulse bought a packet of the American sort around a year ago and they were amazing! Unfortunately they are really quite difficult to locate and this was the first time I’d seen them since. Well worth the exhorbitant cost.

I was also rewarded with the perfect red and white blanket for those cold times attending ducks games – RRP of $70, reduced to $12.

After getting the cooking started, I used my magical ways to fix our dreadfully slow internet which had been plaguing us for several days.

My future self is exceptionally grateful for all of these things.

I’m now lolling about watching more Silent Witness. But I really need to decide on that project and get onto some knitting so that I can cross my final items from that list.

All very rock and roll.

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