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As oft mentioned, SML is a hotbed of incompetence and dysfunction – most particularly in the division Hecate presides over, lets call it DivisionIncompetent. She, along with The(now thankfully departed)Professor were responsible for not meeting a major SML target and massive fuck-ups in the millions (of dollars) in the past two years.

Things don’t appear to be getting any better, which is unsurprising as Hecate completely sucks as an operational manager. And we look like not meeting our target again.

As an aside, I completely loathe Hecate, who I once had an amazingly excellent relationship with. She has spent the last 12 months completely undermining me (“who does carolbaby think she is doing this job when she doesn’t have a phd?” | “who does carolbaby think she is questioning our methodology?” [methodology later proved to be massively flawed by aforementioned $m]) and making it almost impossible to do a major part of my job. I don’t think she has responded to a single email I have sent (as part of agreed processes) for at least 6 months. She’s very big on silos, which, work-wise is my most hated thing ever because I am all about the peace, love and collaboration.

nothing at all to do with anything in this post

Today I was trucking along, minding my own business, buzzing from easter chocolate, when I was informed that I would be seconded to DivsionIncompetent for at least a month to sort them out so we meet target. Wut? Thankfully Vincenzo is coming too, because I could not do this without him.

I am not happy.

Once, I would have relished the opportunity to show how I could Achieve and Be Better Than Others, now I am more disgruntled that I’m missing out on an excellent development opportunity (working on the 2014/15 budget).

There is one upside of this is, VernPercy will be reporting to RightHandHarridan while I am Away – hopefully we can make this a permanent arrangement! She hired him, she can Deal with him.

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  1. hope that long service leave is within sight! on the other hand, take it as another acknowledgement that you are a fixer

    • Fixer is a perfect description!

      Email from Dr12 to MrT and I: “I’m relying on you both, particularly carolbaby, to help out, and ensure effectiveness.”

      So no pressure then!

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