not broken, broken

No stress fracture! No tendonitis! Hurrah!

Currently thinking is that I have an overuse injury – with some accompanying swelling. I need to rest for another week, do loads of stretches, apply creme, take anti-inflammatories, apply ice, have another (extremely painful) physio session and I should be good to go. Also, I need to ease back the running on concrete – urk! unfortunately concrete is all there is.

This leaves me about 3 weeks to prepare for the half-marathon. Scary stuff!

I think I need to locate a nice squishy treadmill and get in rather a lot of kms before 18 May, but by golly, I’m going to give the half-marathon my best crack!

In other positive news, the xrays and ultrasounds show that my knees are in excellent shape, with no degradation or osteo thingies – which bodes extremely well for my old ladydom.

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