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After attempting that 3km yesterday and feeling knee pain after 1.5km, so I finally took myself to the physiotherapist about the ITB injury today. I also thought a second opinion was in order (after the original throw-away diagnosis by AwesomePodiatrist back in September when treating my foot pain) because after much research on the InternetSuperHighway the pain seemed a rather too low on the outside of the knee to be my ITB.

After much, much prodding, poking and stretching, physiotherapist thinks I may have a stress fracture at the top of the fibula. So it was off to the GP (not SuperHappyFunGP, but a GP I last saw in 2007 who is in the same practice as the physio) for a referral for an x-ray. GP thought it could also be tendonitis, so included an ultrasound in the referral and gave me some anti-inflammatories. Then I was poked and prodded some more. Am now am rather ouchy.

All will be revealed on Wednesday. If it is a stress fracture, there will be no half-marathon for me, however if tendonitis (though ultrasound tech thought not) I should be good to go as long as I am chock-full of drugs, though the lack of preparation is rather a concern.

In the interim, no weight bearing exercise.


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    • Urk! How did you end up in the approval queue again?

      I don’t know which outcome would be preferable. But after all the prodding and poking, the whole thing aches rather unpleasantly.

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