i bet you can’t guess where this shiny door is from

Lovely NewKitty’s operation went marvellously. Hurrah! She recovered super-quickly and is her usual awesome snuggles-ish self. Honestly, you’d never have known she had surgery – would that I bounced-back so quickly!


Because I am a fussy crazy cat lady, I worked from home on Tuesday just to make sure that all was peachy, which of course it was. But it was nice to be able to work quietly and focus. I should do it more, but generally get distracted by everything around me: oh! I should wipe down the stairs and railings, oh! that laundry needs folding, oh! why don’t I clean out the fridge?, oh! those spices really need alphabetising, oh! &etc. This did not happen on Tuedsay, so perhaps I’ve turned the corner.


There’s a reason why exercise is touted as excellent for mental health – because it is! While on enforced rest for the past week, I have been the most surly, grumpish, unhappy old woman.

I’m going to attempt a scant 3km tomorrow morning and then assess. In any event I am in dire need of some sort of cardio to replace running. Perhaps I need to rethink the exercise bike … and hang the expense.


I have yet to prepare the weekend list (see aforesaid enervating lack of exercise), best get on that.

2 thoughts on “potpourri

    • Well I managed the 3km this morning, but the knee started troubling me at about 1.5km.

      Going to make a physio appointment for next week, I think.

      Mood was infinitely improved afterward – must explore those alternate cardio options.

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