oh my pauvre lady

One of the Action Items for the weekend was to take NewKitty to the vet for her annual vaccination.

She was not entirely happy about entering the kitty carrier (I daresay, given her history, she was worried we were abandoning her), but eventually, after many pats and snuggles, she bore it with good grace.

In fabulous news, she’s mucho healthy, but we were horrified to learn that she has an abscess on her tooth – all very inflamed and nasty. We both felt like such dreadful kitty parents, but really, how often do you get up in a kitty’s grill?

She’s off for surgery tomorrow morning to have the teeths fixed, this is approximately 5 times more expensive than it would be for a human.

I’ll just say that I am glad that we are: 1. cashed-up; 2. have a budget for kitty emergencies.

There will be a good deal of fussing in her future.

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