hey, Hobart, took some very pleasing pix in your land

This afternoon I comforted myself with way, way too much wine after the recurrence of the ITB injury.

What I really need to do is take the Don approach of getting into something productive during the recovery period. If life hands you lemons (in the form of broken ribs) make lemonade beer.

I have no idea what I should be getting into, but in the interim, here are the Action Items for the weekend:
Run x 2 – ABANDONED (maybe yoga or abs work instead)
Knittering – 2 repeats on cable scarf
Sort new no-evil (non-gmail**) family email addresses
Ironing (I know, totes rock and roll)
Make new style of bears
Clean/ bleach bathroom
NewKitty vet visit
Make double batch of chili con carne
Watch footy (x whatever is available)
Blog (x wherever the wind takes me)
Joe/Frank upgrade from windows XP
Charge wee camera
Drunkenly connect to random peeps on linkedin (added post-loads-of-wine-consumption)

When I’ve recovered from the soothing with alcohol, I really need to reflect on how I need to approach this injury and other things too. Meanwhile, glug glug.

**have had gmail address for almost 10 years (where has my life gone???), all the time watching google progressively become more and more evil – definitely time to extricate myself.

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