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This morning I’d scheduled in a 12km run, supremely confident that last week’s dreadful effort was an aberration. I mean, 12km is a totally achievable distance for me, so should have been one of those “I’m queen of the world” runs.

Alas, this was not to be.

At just over the 4km mark my right knee ITB issues started yet again, so I did the surprisingly sensible thing – rather than pushing through the agonising stabbing pain, I stopped and stretched. At 6km – ghastly pain again, so I stretched then walked for 600ish metres (no pain at all when walking) before attempting to run again. By 8.5km I knew I just had to stop, so walked the remaining 3.5km home. I am trying to congratulate myself for being sensible and abandoning the run but it is very difficult to do that right now.

Discouraging, demoralising, devastating … all the d-words. All the f-words too.

I’m now rather worried about my ability to complete the half-marathon. I’d be less concerned if there was not a time limit and so could walk some of the way if I needed. I can apply to have half my entry fee refunded if I provide a medical certificate before 25 April, so will have to assess over the next week.

I should also probably schedule an appointment with our awesome podiatrist, though I am absolutely confident he will advise rest – bah!

Stupid old lady body.

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