when too much Hobart is barely enough

We’ve earmarked April as admin month – where we attempt to sort tax, wills, financial planner &etc. So this evening I attempted to start gathering documents together for our visit the tax preparer for our rather late 2012/13 financial year’s returns (oops). Fortunately because we have a professional do our taxes, the cut-off date is much later than if we were doing it ourselves. Unfortunately this extended deadline leads to a good deal of indolence on our parts – and then with the frenzy.

I was complaining to Joan about the difficulty of trawling through tons of data in my mailbox to find receipts for various charitable donations and she responded, “why don’t you tag them as donation when they arrive?”.

Later I was searching on the InformationSuperHighway for video of a really excellent tv programme from 1996 with no luck when Joe/Frank suggested, “why don’t you search for [alternate US name]? It might make it less difficult to find”.

Gosh-darn grown-up children and their sensible ways and advice. Truly, the tables have now turned.

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