random photo from Hobart which has nothing to do with this post

Lately I’ve been putting off my weekday run because it has been so very dark when I wake up. I have no idea why we in the antipodes start our seasons on the 1st of the quarter because the equinox really marked a very distinct point when the mornings and evenings started to draw in. It is so dark that even the kitties are not attempting to bodily drag me from my bed when the alarm goes off.

So after all that procrastination and a good deal of extreme running avoidance in the form of the very bleak and excellent Jackson Brodie novels, I finally sucked it up and went out after I arrived home from SML this evening. Evening is my least favourite time for running and it showed – utterly horrible and I was so very slow. It was quite rainsish so I wore my old brooks runners, lest my current running shoes be unusable for the saturday long run – this was probably a mistake as it felt very strange underfoot and on the ankles.

Fortunately daylight savings ends in 9 days and I’ll be able to get in a regular short run pre dragging myself to SML.

Meanwhile, onward and downward.

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