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This year we’ve discovered that keeping a weekend to-do list makes us actually do *stuff*, rather than just sit about not carpe(ing) the diem(s) or GTD.

Below is the weekend list (in no particular order) which I sent to Don this afternoon for his review:
Make bears
Steam mop floor
Cook foodz for freezer
Decant bbq sauce into wee containers
Long run (11km+)
Tidy haus
Knit moar cable scarf
Email Milly
Email Dishy-Ex-Boss
Watch footy
Scope bedhead construction
Review budget
Play golf
Assist Joe/Frank budget (agree contributions)
Prepare garden for autumn
Update foodz blog list
Think about manageressing study
Plan 6 weeks runnering activities
Make NewKitty vet appt

I know, so very rock and roll. Don’t you wish you had our lives?

But already I have actioned one item. Hurrah! But I suspect that if we cross off even half by Sunday evening, we’ll be doing well.

No pressure of course, the mere fact that I am not obligated to be anywhere or do anything for the next two days is satisfying enough!

2 thoughts on “planning

    • So far progressing nicely (well, apart from the ITB pain from run).

      I am supremely confident that I will completely fail on the emails to Milly and D-E-B. I am a really terrible emailer.

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