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The LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks were in town for the opening weekend of the MLB season, so today we ventured out to the SCG to watch game 2.

When the games were announced, despite not being the Giants, there was no question that we wouldn’t not buy tickets. I think just about every American currently living in Australia was in attendance.
It was rather unsettling to see the American flag flying over the hallowed turf – like some sort of 51st state, mad-maxian dystopia:

The seats were outrageously expensive, but our view was pretty excellent:

We had an Ace! Day out, but let’s just say that $20 for nachos is just taking the piss and I really hope that the AFL doesn’t get any ideas about adopting “kiss cam”!

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  1. I watched that game while doing the ironing yesterday. It looked a great day and fun to see other sports hit the australian calendar. I live less than 2km from a 1500 capacity baseball park here stuck in a modest suburb. Packed very week so interesting to see how the game is taking off here.

    • The completely baseball crazy Don was excited when the ABL started a couple of years ago – less so to learn that the games in Sydney are in Rooty Hill (rather a trek!).

      My enjoyment of Sunday’s match was rather diminished by the exceptionally chatty old man from arizona who was sitting next to me who barely drew breath for the 3+ hours we were there. He had some, shall we say, novel, views and I now know more about him than I do members of my family!

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