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Finally started to feel (relatively) human after my Hobart souvenir cold and so forced myself back to running this morning after a way too long 2+ week hiatus.

Headed out at 8:30am which was rather later than I would have liked. It was quite hot and disgustingly humid. I ran a smidge over 9km – an out and back route (I much, much prefer a loop).

All up rather unsatisfying, but pleased with self for getting out there (yay! self!), plus I really did not want to push it having had so long a break. This result makes me rather nervous about the half-marathon, but I’ve still got 57 days to improve and I know I can do the distance – so I should just chillax and put in the hard yards.

In other running news, I finally abandoned the collapsible bottle – words cannot express how disappointing it was (clearly I had invested way too much into it). I test drove a wee nudie bottle this morning and it was Ace! Fit perfectly into my tiny hand, just the right amount of volume and the right price (roughly $3).

Think I’ll keep to my standard 5-6km tomorrow morning, then try to ramp it up slowly during the week. The pre-SML runs will test my commitment as it is now quite dark at my normal running time. This will delight the kitties who will be well pleased to be fed before the sun comes up!

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