what’s the date again?

Last evening Don cooked turkey soup!

Made from:
– Turkey stock from turkey carcass, bit of turkey meat + veg – made in the usual way (if you aren’t making your own stock, you totally should – it is remarkably simple – and so very inexpensive)
– Turkey meat + potato, onion, carrots, celery + chili from our garden + egg noodles + sourdough loaf

Truly, it is worth cooking a turkey just for the soup. Interestingly we saw turkey wings and legs for sale at woolworths (on a recent exploratory shop), so we may be able to make the stock without the need for a whole turkey – though if we can score another whole frozen turkey for $10, we’re totally going for it.


Last evening was incredibly pleasant so Don and I took a stroll around the ‘hood (henceforth known as the hamlet or ‘ham). I am in desperate need of exercise, so this was a comfort.

While walking about, we realised that it was probably our wedding anniversary soon, though of course we could not remember when or even how many years – we both find this complete inability to recall the date of our wedding highly entertaining.

A quick visit to the filing cabinet when we arrived home revealed that it was our 5 year anniversary that very day. 5 years has gone amazingly quickly!


Despite my intention to leave off the hats, I was kind of intrigued by the brooklyn tweed rosebud slouch hat and thought it would be a pretty good end of year challenge because I have never knitted cables before.

I have about four rows to go until I get to the start of the big cable, surely it cannot be that difficult.

I want one of my projects for 2014 to be something along the lines of trying new things – however small and/or humble they might be.

2 thoughts on “what’s the date again?

    • Thank you – one of these years I’m sure we might remember before the day and actually celebrate it. Apparently it was our “wood” anniversary, next year is sugar!

      I really do like the idea of projects, though am not the best at sticking to them. If I was a better planner, I would have the new things all sorted for each of the months.

      You’re right about the cables – though I did have to rip back a couple of times at first. Almost done, though almost out of wool, may have to tackle something a little more complex.

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