2013: the year of living $$$$ishly

It started off innocently enough with me asking Don what he thought the best thing we acquired in 2013 was – and then we realised that, rather than the frugality we’d hoped for, 2013 was really an unplanned orgy of spending.

When we listed it all out, we were pretty aghast! But hey, at least we have contributed to the economy.

Major purchases of the year:

– Panzo (new car for those not playing along)
– GiantTelevision + BluRay player
– BBQ1 (to replace babyQ – to be hooked up to the newly installed gas outlet)
– BBQ2 (harky the smoker – mmmm: bacon)
– Drawers for bedroom
– Nexus 7 tablet
– Golf clubs (yes, another set)
– iphone 5 for Donaldo
– Upgraded android phone for me
– Washing machine
– More professional wardrobe for Donaldo (as befitting his leadership role)
– Smaller clothes for me (as befitting my dropping 3-4 sizes – yay!)
– Runners x 2 (for me)
– Runners x 1 (for Donaldo)
– Brewing equipment
– Manual camera lenses for the DSLR
– Fridge for garage (to repurpose as curing chamber – mmmm: pancetta) + bits that go with it
– Hideously expensive, but oh-so-wonderful, kitchen tap
– Too, too many lovely kitchen bits

We’ve kind of decided that 2014 should be the year of austerity – let’s focus on getting more equity in ThePalace(OfLove), or at least take some vacations!

<edited to add> just how the hell did we ever get to a place that we *could* buy these things? When I first started blogging we were barely above the poverty line. We are incredibly fortunate to be where we are – sure it is the result of a good deal of hard work – but loads of people work incredibly hard and are not so lucky. WE’re very lucky.

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