xmas morning

Just Don, the kitties and I today – so very sedate Xmas day for us.

We started out with lazing about in bed with coffee (thanks Donaldo!) and then downstairs for bacon sambos – made with Don’s applewood smoked bacon.


Spoke to Maiden Aunt who, when regaled with the tale of my broken face, suggested that I should be tested for diabetes, “because it runs in the family”. Wut? Possibly the only downside from being incommunicado with the relatives is the lack of this sort of health knowledge. She’s the second person to suggest this as a possible cause for my falling-downness.

Anyway, because I came over all dizzy and faint in the shower yesterday (again), I’m off to SuperHappyFunGP on Friday – where I am fairly confident that he will be of no assistance at all. In any event, a blood test will rule such a thing out and hopefully offer some suggestions as to why this is so.


I’m currently sitting about mending and watching paul hollywood: pies and puds … mmmmmm … pie. And perhaps will bust out some knitting later.

Soon(ish) we’ll be prepping the $10 turkey – which has been stored away in the giant freezer for just over 11 months.

It’s gloriously rainy and perfect for comfort food!

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