eve of the xmas

I’ve spent the last little while devouring The Luminaries which I completely, utterly and absolutely adored … until I didn’t.

Still, was refreshing to read something that was not entirely for the purposes of teh lulz (and really I did love about 90% of it to death). Perhaps I should add read proper books to my projects list for 2014 – where I’m sure I will manage to avoid it entirely.


Yesterday my beloved husband made us Carolina style BBQ pork for our pre-Xmas dinner with the babies. It involved smoking pork shoulder for 3 hours and braising in the oven for 4 hours – served on soft buns with Don made BBQ sauce and Bessie made coleslaw. It was something else!

I highly recommend getting yourselves a husband and grown-up baby daughter.

In one of the innumerable packages that Don has delivered from foreign climes were these bear paws. They are really quite sensational for shredding mexicany-bbqy-style meats. While you’re getting yourselves a husband and baby daughter, I’d recommend getting these too.


Donaldo and I ventured out this morning to seek out an exercise bike for those times when it is not practical to run outdoors (or when you are too broken to run outdoors). HolyGoodness! they are not inexpensive – well, those not constructed from chewing gum and string.

We’re reviewing our options.


I forgot to mention that in my flurry of activity on Sunday, Bessie and I cleared out the sewing stash – the cast-off of unusable scraps amounted to a reasonably-largeish garbage bag. Why we had so many scraps of ribbon, I cannot imagine. I’m rather pleased with this as it was on of those revised projects I’d hoped to knock over in 2013. Though of course I did not chose I project to work upon – perhaps another in the endless parade of hats?


I’m also in the process of forcing the family to work on their not resolutions for 2014 – while I establish if 10 projects in a year is really sustainable.

2 thoughts on “eve of the xmas

  1. I’d strongly recommend looking for a 2nd hand exercise bike. It’s the kind of thing which gets bought and then languishes. We had slow roast pork last night too but without the secret sauce:) merry Christmas!

    • Great minds think alike!

      Second hand was my first thought, however there is an astounding lack of exercise bikes on gumtree, ebay and trading post (at least in Sydney). I’m hopeful for a post-Xmas influx of them. If not, post-Xmas sales!

      I must investigate more slow-cooked pork recipes! Our 2.25kg shoulder was only $15. Our similar weight of lamb leg was more than double that.

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