Disgustingly hot day today, so we decided to avoid the crowds by staying in and enjoying the glorious air-conditioning.

We did however stop in briefly to the the chef and the cook, our very favouritest homewares store, to pick up a covered roaster which I decided I desperately needed to cook slow cooked easter lamb. The roaster ended up being half price, but was kind of free because I found a $50 gift card in my wallet – cash back from buying Joe/Frank an electric toothbrush over a year ago (I’d completely forgotten it existed).

The lamb was utterly brilliant – definitely needed the covered roaster. I’d used the recommended “cover with foil” method the previous two times I’d cooked it, but having a proper cover was infinitely superior.

While the lamb was cooking, I drank wine, watched excellently dreadful reality tv with Bessie and knitted a hat for Bessie, the very same hat I knitted for Joan when she first travelled to Europe.

needs blocking

Now we’re sitting about watching Love Actually. I know you’re judging me, but I care not.

This is probably the most I’ve accomplished in months!

4 thoughts on “productive

    • Convalescence very much does – now that I am in the groove and rather less out of it.

      I’m looking forward to making shepherds pie with the leftovers.

      Today is Carolina BBQ (pork smoked 3 hours + braised 4 hours) – our last extravagant supper before the babies abandon us for Christmas.

    • I invariably weep at the airport montage – both at the beginning and end – and also in actual airports.

      It is definitely my fave Xmas film – though would be infinitely improved by the removal of Keira Knightley.

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