Joan and her boyfriend Ajax1 flew out this afternoon for Xmas in New Caledonia2.

I am, of course, insanely jealous! We had such a marvellous time in Noumea two years ago and I would love to return, but being the sensible adults we are, we chose plumbing over travelling this Christmas – fortunately as it turned out, what with the broken face and all.

And then on 27 December, Bessie is off to London with the other half of her family for two weeks. Again, insanely jealous!

I really must cue up some travel for 2014 – even if it is just a couple of weekends away. I do have a cunning plan to take two months off in 2015 and spend at least some of it overseas, all I need to do is hold out for long service leave (available when I hit the 10 year mark) – only 11.5 months to go!

1I suspect this is his first mention on the blog, though they’ve been dating a year now. They’re very into taking holidays.
2The family seems to have a bit of a thing about New Caledonia, Joe/Frank also visited mid-year on a French excursion.

2 thoughts on “stagnant

    • This is where it gets somewhat confusing! Perhaps I have mentioned him before – because he does work at SML.

      But you may be thinking of Vincenzo, my minion, who is one of her best pals & who she traveled with to Europe.

      The upshot is that there is way too much SML in my (and her) non-SML life.

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