all i need is a photo of advanced souvlaki to complete the set

Around lunchtime I submitted my final assessment for my Manageressing Diploma and only 1/2 day late! Hopefully it will not be assessed as “not yet competent” and there will be a diploma with my name on it in the not too distant future.

I really don’t know what I was thinking signing up for the Advanced Manageressing Diploma next year (well, apart from getting some skillz to get the hell of SML after I hit the 10 year mark). Perhaps subconsciously it was so I could get a gig at one of these fine establishments:

advanced press | advanced badges

But in the break between now and when it commences, I really want to establish a daily pattern of work, even if it is 15 minutes a day. This whole experience has really taken me back to my (abandoned) degree – where I would leave everything to the last minute and write on sheer adrenalin and panic. Admittedly this was a pretty successful strategy as it was HDs all over the place, but it was completely stressful, draining and ultimately not sustainable (hence the abandonment). I do this with some SML projects too, it’s as though I crave the rush and frenzy and blessed relief at the end. I’d like to devote some energy to learning how to be a Sensible Adult and approach these things in a Sensible way. I can become a runner and give up alcohol, so I can surely be bloody-minded enough to embrace sensibility.

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