bargain basement

Today was the SML Christmas party – I know, on a Thursday? It was also only drinks and nibbles – we’re generally more accustomed to a long proper lunch. And we were cramped black-hole-of-calcutta-style into the tiniest of spaces within a larger venue – for a while there I could not raise my elbows to drink my glass of water (of course we cannot offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks).

And, no drinking for me – even though since my birthday I’ve (gasp!) indulged in some alcohol (I know!) – but I really wanted to spend one Christmas party where I did not end up rather under the weather.

Reader, it was dire. So Very Dire.

The event was woefully under catered, so that people fell upon the trays of foods like seagulls when they made an appearance. Unfortunately we were at the back of the Black Hole, so food did not make its way to us. Can we say mucho alcohol on empty stomachs? Urk! My sparkling colleagues are really unsparkling when you’re sober. It was a VERY long 3 hours.

I’m now having a couple of glasses of wine at home to decompress. Back on the wagon next week!

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