work avoidance: 2,384,739,653 in a series

Pix from the hood – taken on the wee spy camera over the past month(ish)

back from when Don began running with me – before the broken rib

I just love the street names embedded in the footpaths around here

though upkeep does not seem to be such a priority

barn-like garage

one of the four churches within 500m of ThePalace(OfLove)

like a wee long-boat on the roof

keeping with the nautical haus theme

plague of jacaranda flowers

slippery purple beasts

constant sight (and sound) in the inner west

am rather a fan of signs against the sky

firey sunset

a better class of graffiti

I am beginning to accept that avoidance is a part of my process – and a part which I cannot avoid.

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