Since daylight savings started I’ve been confining my runs to the afternoons – mostly so I can laze about in bed drinking coffee before dragging myself to SML. I have been struggling a fair bit with distance and energy levels and I’ve been a little agitated about my lack of progress.

Recently, I read a quite excellent comment on this ask metafilter question which definitely resonated: Also, running for some reason lends itself really well to compulsive behavior. That’s probably a strong word for it but it’s not unusual for runners to be type A personalities who need to run a certain pace at a certain time of day every day and if anything comes in between them and their run, they freak out. Hmmmmmm.

Anyway, I went out this morning rather than later in the day because I’d intended to spend the afternoon working on agonising over my last1 manageressing assessment. To my utter delight I ran 10km!! It is the first time I’ve run so far since 10 July (136 days) and a similar time too (1:11:39). It is all very encouraging.

stick it to parra

Finally! I’m getting back on that running pony – such a relief! Though I really need to ease back on the every day running and perhaps limit myself to 4 days a week.

1I’ve just signed up for advanced manageressing – I foresee a lot more writing angst in all of our futures.

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  1. Oh well done. Now that it’s dark all the time here I have the opposite problem and need to up the number of times I run each week. I have a tiny tendency towards compulsive type behanviour and I know it is one of the things that appeals to me about running, the measuring and recording is very important. Have you really been for a run if it’s not written down somewher afterwards?

    • Exactly! Hence my endless posting of stats.

      I simply cannot run at all happily without my device – drives me nuts when it won’t connect to a satellite or the battery runs out.

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