and the cucumber too

While I am exceedingly pleased with our adventures in lettuce and herbs, the tomatoes – not so much.

I think we’ll be abandoning that particular exercise.

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4 Responses to and the cucumber too

  1. nancyblackett says:

    Too much rain? I find tomatoes do need some fertiliser. Mine are hardly even flowering yet but then I live in colder climes.


    • carolbaby says:

      Yes, definitely the rain. Been liberal with the fertiliser, but I suspect the position is not entirely ideal either.

      Definitely going to sacrifice them in the name of more rocket.


  2. Marmalade Cottage says:

    Give them trace elements. It’s a magnesium deficiency, I think,


    • carolbaby says:

      Argh! I thought I had replied! I think may be a horrid weather thing – most tomato plants at the garden centre when we visited around the time of this post were likewise spooty.

      Have ripped out all but one plant & replaced with rocket & celery – will chuck on some more seasol on the one remaining!


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