it all happened so fast

Today, I’m taking an annual leave day to, amongst other things, help Bessie collect her quite large major HSC art work from school.

And that’s pretty much it for high school for both of the babies – final marks are due on the 18th December. And in around a month, Bessie turns 18 and I’ll be the mother of three adults!

Just … what? How on earth did this happen?!?

Next year Bessie has plans for design at COFA (thus, as we like to jest, preparing her for a career in retail or hospitality) and Joe/Frank will defer Uni for a bit to enter a pretty great programme for young adults with Aspergers/Autism which focusses on developing work and life skills.

They might be adults, but they’re still always going to be “the babies”.

2 thoughts on “it all happened so fast

  1. I hear you, sister! Mine finishes school in two weeks and I am “wait, didn’t we just buy shoes for starting kindy”.

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