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I read a tweet a while back from the skint foodie who talked about using unfilled tea bags to hold bouquet garni. I am a tie-with-string person, so had no interest in using them for that purpose, but the fact that one could buy empty tea bags blew my mind.

I really dislike the messy emptying and endlessly rinsing out of the little mesh basket that came with my teapot, so I headed off to eBay and just wow! Possibly even more awesome as I had anticipated.


I have been having horrible dry skin and yucky, breaky, ridged nails so I impulse bought skin, hair and nails vitamins – with little expectation that they would be efficacious. And I was partially right – my nails are still as ghastly as they were at the outset, but after a couple of weeks I realised that my skin was astoundingly silky and smooth!

No idea how to fix the nails though.


Gratuitous kitty shot for the week:

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