gazing of the navel kind

So, to continue being a neurotic assessment bore, I finally realised this afternoon that one of the reasons I am making so little progress is that I become massively distracted and unfocussed when other people are around. I’m very slow on the uptake because all those months ago the other participants on the manageressing course did say that they had to squirrel themselves away in order to get any work done, but clearly I thought this didn’t apply to me.

Well, distracted and that I am completely paralysed by my quest for perfection (which is probably more to the point) and have applied for a couple of extensions to the due date now. I should take this as an opportunity to learn to do the bare minimum, because there are no marks but pass or not pass (even with not pass, you have infinite opportunities to resubmit to get a pass) and then I get the qualification. These two articles really resonated with me. Definitely words to live by – just do the damn things already!

Poor family have been lovely tolerating all of this angst.

I really need to re-wire my brain. Therapy? Life Coach? Perhaps.


Meanwhile, in more pleasant happenings, we’ve added some stakes to hold up the tomato plants.

And this evening, we harvested our sole cucumber:

It was quite scrummy, but probably cost infinitely more than actually buying one from the fruit + veg. Hopefully those other wee flowers might not die and we may get more.

And of course, it wouldn’t be us and gardening unless we had a caterpillar invasion – little jerks. The stand-out for this lot of planting has been the lettuce, baby spinach and rocket – we’ve had so, so, so much less food waste and they taste so much better being fresh-picked from the garden.

Best get back to budgets and operational plans.

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