and nothing has changed

Not at work today, which was delightful, but I actually may as well have been given the number of emails I answered.

This afternoon I decided to go for a quick run about the neighbourhood before collecting Don from work and ran into Elaine, one of my best pals from batshitcrazyorg!

Any of you who have had any sort of correspondence with me know that I am APPALLING at keeping in touch, and so it was that we realised we have not seen each other for around 9 years!

There was much catching up to do – she’s had babies! who are now children! and she and MrElaine are still at batshitcrazyorg! and she lives approximately 500m away from me – indeed, I am sure I can see her roof from our bedroom window.

What a trip!


Assessment? Due tomorrow, still loads to write, but I feel in a much better place, thanks in part to the 87 encouraging little notes I wrote to myself (yes I have turned into one of those people, no, you shut-up). I can do this.

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