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Gosh, the last week-and-a-bit was quite intense. I spent the long weekend and the remainder of the week working on my manageressing assessment – really it took way too long and mostly because I was completely paralysed by self doubt. In the end I managed to scrape in by the second extension date (urk!) and now it has been marked, thankfully was all good and received very positive comments – the relief! Two more to go and it will be over.

While I was wracking my brain for things to write, Bessie took a break from studying for the HSC to whip up this really excellent lemon cake:

She also did a great job of making giant floor cushions – which were on my list of things to do, but which I was more than happy to hand over. The kitties are huge fans!


Our garden is progressing very nicely.

We managed to harvest enough leaves for a salad!

The lemons are getting lemony:

And we have wee baby tomatoes!

We also have flowers on the cucumber and chili plants, but my photography is somewhat less than optimal.

I think on the agenda for the distant future will be some built-in planters, in the interim we need to be on the lookout for styrofoam boxes, because they make Ace! (and free!) planters.


Finally completed Breaking Bad – and managed to get there without being spoilered. Now to decide on the next obsessive watching outing.


I ran! A couple of times! I still have only managed short (3km-ish) runs because the foot it still bothering me a little, but at least I am getting out there.

In very exciting news, Don bought new shoes and has come out with me for one run (and plans to come for more) – we’re still trying to work out the optimal running arrangement while Don builds up distance – the first outing I ran 3.5km, swung by ThePalace(OfLove) grabbed Don and did another 1.5km.


Donaldo and I went out on a hot date on Friday night to a formerly local, not-inexpensive restaurant we’ve been to a few times over the course of our relationship. I even managed to survive the biggest challenge of my year of sobriety to date – 7 course degustation accompanied by sparkling water, while Don indulged in the matching wines.

Sadly, while we have previously been in complete raptures over everything we’ve eaten there, this time not so much. You can really see the impact that the general move away from fine dining has had – stretching the dollar a little further with the menu items and not quite the bustling atmosphere we’d experienced before. We had a quite lovely evening though.

Lovely until early the next morning when I suffered quite the bout of food poisoning which lasted most of the day. Most likely suspects included barely poached egg yolk, beetroot cured cod or air-dried mutton. So I spent the day laying about in a good deal of pain reading dreadful books with lines like “but the unnatural conformation of his limbs denied that supposition” – which I am pretty sure did not contribute to my recovery at all.

Am feeling somewhat more human today albeit still a little delicate – so much for my good intentions of planning out my remaining assessments, getting a couple of runs in, and progressing with the painting and other general pottering.

I did manage to whip up Prudence’s Great-Grandmother’s banana cake, am softening butter for kitschenette’s yoghurt and berry cake and am sitting with my feet up, cup of tea next to me and watching Grand Designs.


gratuitous kitty feets

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