best thing about home-ownership

BabyKitty and NewKitty enjoy romping and chasing all over ThePalace(OfLove), but otherwise generally mostly just tolerate each other and keep a reasonable distance – sadly no snuggly, intertwined kitties for us.

So it was a complete surprise to find them both hanging out in the shower early on Friday morning.

And even more of a surprise later in the evening when BabyKitty jumped up and nestled down quite close to NewKitty.

This is by far the closest they have ever been (well apart from during the romping and chasing) and we were all quite astounded.

I’ve been feeling a little grim in recent times, this was just the ticket to cheer me.

2 thoughts on “best thing about home-ownership

    • Thanks!

      I’ve been hiding from their world, avoiding all manner of things, with my head in the kindle for the past couple of weeks.

      Have been running a little, but nowhere near as much or as far as before – foot is still a little painful at times – finally made it past 5km for the first time in about two months!

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