projects progress: september

Watchwords = avoidance | gustavo | grumpish

  1. film: one new film per fortnight (REVISED: on the GiantTelevision)
    NOT ACHIEVED: again
    (I don’t think this has changed for about 3 months now)

  2. foodz: one new recipe per week
    NOT ACHIEVED: again. But mostly kept up with the the year of dinners page.
    (Ditto with the unchanging)

  3. da ‘hood: explore the neighbourhood once per month
    NOT ACHIEVED: again.
    (I sense a theme here)

  4. paint: 6 months to paint the interior of ThePalace(OfLove)
    PROJECT: FAIL. SO MUCH FAIL. The trim in the bedroom is going slowly, but it is going. We plan to attack more come summer – 6 more months or we call in the professionals!

  5. teev: watch something each week from the ridiculously extensive stash of video media
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: It has been a Breaking-Bad month. We’re madly trying to finish the last season before we are spoilered.

  6. projects: complete one project from my dabbler email per month finish all of those things I started or abandon them.
    NOT ACHIEVED: again.
    (Woo! I’m totally achieving not achieving!)

  7. learnin: (a) commence my manageress diploma (+ no dallying re assignments) – updated to include (b) be a better manageress.
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: (a) I don’t want to talk about how I have avoided my assessments for way too long and have been forced to ask for an extension (twice) on the first one. It is not as if it is horrifically difficult, but I have some sort of ridiculous anxiety which prevents me from just sitting down to complete it. I really need to examine why I get this way. Even more ridiculous is that I can keep resubmitting until I get it right. So what is stopping me?
    ACHIEVED: (b) I had Mr T insert himself in the Vern-Percy saga and it has made a spectacular difference – in a good way. The best bit was when he told Vern-Percy that one of the key parts of his job was ensuring I was happy.

  8. exercise: twice a week. incidental exercise does not count
    NOT ACHIEVED: Damned arch – all strapped and still uncomfortable.

  9. thing: find my thing (the least SMART of all the projects)
    Perhaps my thing is running – because the arch issues above have been making me quite miserable.

  10. sobriety: a dry (at least) January
    ACHIEVED: three whole quarters of a year!! Now that the season has changed I definitely see the allure of a nice glass of wine on a sunny afternoon, but I will remain strong.


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