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The chile was really very very good indeed, but we all agreed it would have been even more very very good by the addition of a couple of tins of tomato.

Definitely did not need the required masa harina for thickening – though we’re planning to use it to make tortillas, so not a complete waste. Will try it again with tomatoes in a couple of months.


I ran! Two times!

Sure, it was an easy pace and a very easy 2.5km each outing, but it was VERY EXCITING!

The foot still feels a little odd and slightly achy, but there is nothing like the agonising stabbing pains I was experiencing previously.

I felt infinitely better afterward, thanks endorphins!!

I’ll keep up with the strapping and anti-inflammatory gel for the next little while and ease back into the easy running.


So about that assessment … all I can say is, thankfully I have a study day tomorrow.

Why I continue to do these things to myself, I cannot even begin to understand – it is completely irrational.

This is the point my offspring roll their eyes at me – because I am quite excellent at endlessly lecturing about the importance of not leaving such things to the last minute.

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