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The only good thing about the Ducks not making the AFL Grand Final is the buckets of money we’ve saved by not attending.

So we’re cheering Freo, because of the Ducks connection and also because we don’t particularly care for Hawthorn (me in particular as they are Vern-Percy’s team).

neighbourhood haus, spotted on election day

We’re celebrating the day by cooking homesick texan’s seven chili texas chile (ever-so-slightly different to the one on the homesick texan website).

My fingers are still all a-tingle from de-seeding the chilis – the whole thing takes about 7 hours, so I anticipate we’ll be eating around 2am.


I was allegedly going to be able to run today, but my foot is still a little tender despite obeying all (okay most) of the podiatrist’s instructions. I think I might head out for a slow 1-2km post-game because this lack of exercise is making me impossibly grumpy.


Also making me impossibly grumpy is that my first manageressing course assessment is due on Wednesday and I have … ummm … yet to start (yes, let us not speak of my intention to complete them quickly). I have two more assessments due shortly thereafter – so that is most of my October. But at least it will be Done. I must remember this the next time I voluntarily embark on something which has Deadlines.

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