somewhat depressing outing

Joe/Frank has been crazy about politics for as long as anyone can remember and while his previous attempt to vote in an election was foiled, this year he made it!

Naturally I wanted to document the occasion photographically, but a poll worker told me under no circumstances was photography permitted (I’ve never encountered this problem in past years – and judging by all the pix on the InformationSuperHighway, no-one else did this time) – I managed to score a sneaky snap anyway, though not the smiles-with-ballot-papers I’d hoped!

voting below the line

american-style “i voted” stickers were handed out

excellent sausage-on-a-bun at Taverners Hill Infants

Unfortunately, there is no hope of being any sort of palatable result. It will be a really bleak next few years.

2 thoughts on “somewhat depressing outing

  1. Ah, I tried the photo of the first time voter too and ended up with a blurry back photo covertly snapped (I could have done with your spy camera). We were sad there were no stickers. I am determined not to be sad for the next three years. Better to be resolute and to hold them to account for every single moment. And to be determined to be happy, in spite of them.

  2. I think I’m going to pretend it just didn’t happen and have a calming three years ignoring the news – should be excellent for my mental health.

    Hopefully the Senate does not end up full of crazy as it is threatening to and will prevent a good deal of the nonsense!

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