aubergine and cerulean

Last Saturday saw Local Government Elections in NSW and Joe/Frank’s first opportunity to vote – something he has been waiting for since he was about 9 – though he was not a little disappointed that his first wasn’t a “proper” election.

As an aside, if you’re in NSW and wondering how your local government area / ward / riding / booth voted, you should totes go here.

I came armed with camera to capture J/F’s inaugaral voting moment (as with Don in his first) and we queued and queued and then unfortunately we encountered issues.

Joe/Frank had apparently enrolled too late to appear on the printed roll and because he did not possess any ID with his current address, was unable to vote (though he appeared on the roll of the official with the blackberry). I pointed out that any random could rock up and claim they were anyone and vote, but to no avail. And so it appears that his first election will be a proper one after all.

I did put the camera to good use though:

indigo? lime? taking the piss, surely

As we’ve only been in this electorate for a short time, we really weren’t across the local issues too much and voted according to our political leanings. We were, however, quite delighted to discover that even though we’ve left joaquim behind, he lives on in memory – we’re in possum ward.

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