Attempted to go back to SML today which was, once again, a mistake. Felt dreadful once I arrived, despite being delivered to the door by Don.

Really, it’s as though I have been clinging to the early days of this cold for over a week. It is not progressing through the more revolting stages toward recovery as it should.

So I sucked it up and went to one of those fast-food-style, bulk-billing medical centres where the GP told me that “it’s a virus”, my body was doing a good job of fighting it (probably because I am healthy) and I just had to ride it out. She did suggest a blood test – mostly because of the exhaustion.

Though I am beginning to have a niggling suspicion that maybe this unwellness is all a result of the current repulsive atmosphere at SML and my poor brain is trying to get me away from it all.

I really must work on some coping mechanisms.

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  1. Yes, definitely for next year!

    Thank you both for your kind words. Finally felt better on Tuesday afternoon after a day working from home featuring way too much coffee and way too much work – spent about 13 hours completing a project that had been hanging over my head for a couple of months. Managed to knock it over finally yesterday … and the euphoria! goodness! And the Important People love the result.

    I’m afraid the intellectual exercising was just as difficult at the physical – took me about an hour to complete two clues on the quick crossword and my reaction time on quantified mind was roughly a third of normal. Brain seems to have bounced back, thankfully.

    After pulling 13-14 hours a day for the last three, I am completely exhausted, but still feel more human than I have over the past weeks. Tomorrow I try a run!

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