back on the pony

Finally, finally felt improved mid-Tuesday and after a completely insane week at SML with ridiculously long hours, managed to get out for my first run in two weeks on Saturday.

I had all good intentions of taking it very easy with a very slow 5km. It was challenging, particularly because the weather was quite warm (hurrah!) and I was really quite exhausted by the end.

So imagine my surprise to find I had run my fastest 1km ever with a pace of 5:49! I have broken the 6 min barrier only once before (on 24 July) and that was 5:59. Very exciting – though the rest was my usual slow shuffle and the end result was as normal.

I must say, I felt a lot better afterward (except for that pesky muscle in the bottom of my right foot I appear to have pulled).

And despite stuffing myself with comfort food while unwell, the shrinking continues:

I am generally not quite so straight-up-and-down, but rather very compressed to prevent unpleasant jiggling (which is quite successful)

2 thoughts on “back on the pony

    • I am happy too!

      Except for the sore foot – which has meant another week of sloth. The culprit appears to be my favourite brown boots. I suspect I might need orthotics, right arch is KILLING me.

      Is this the sort of thing middle age brings? DO NOT WANT.

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