Spent the morning lounging in bed, drinking coffee delivered by my most excellent husband and reading book three from this charming series.

I felt quite human and briefly considered a small run to test the waters for tomorrow. Got up to shower and it would appear that although I am much improved while horizontal, vertical is another matter altogether – dizzy, short of breath, headachy, sore throat and ears, sniffles. Each time I have moved from the bed, I have experienced the same thing. Am currently laying on the bed still trying to catch my breath after a brief foray downstairs for an orange about 20 minutes ago.

So no big-run-with-giant-hill for me tomorrow.

It is all quite frustrating – primarily because I have been unusually disgustingly healthy all year, and the one time I need to be well, I am struck down. Pah!

But the big-run-with-giant-hill is not the reason I was running, though it was quite a good interim goal, I’ll be back out there five mornings a week, shuffling along the footpath – as soon as I can stand up for more than 10 minutes.


Gratuitous macro lens shot:

BabyKitty nose

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