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I’ve long ranted about my disappointment with the declining journalistic standards of the Sydney Morning Herald – which has become a collection of single paragraph articles full of misspellings and grammatical errors, wire service updates and articles from other newspapers. Now they are taking the site behind a paywall, though you can read 30 articles a month before being required to pay.

Now I don’t mind paying for quality journalism at all, I was a crikey subscriber for many years (not an inexpensive proposition) which I considered well worth the investment.

Tempting though it might be, I’m really not convinced that I am ready to shell out a minimum of $15 per month to access similar articles to those below:

Guardian, Australian edition, here I come.

2 thoughts on “new era

  1. I am totally with you on the SMH and since the Guardian launched an Australian edition, there is a good free alternative. Since Fairfax just copy their stories between mastheads you can be pretty certain you can click on the Brisbane, Melbourne or Canberra mastheads and get the same story anyway without having used up your free goes.

    • So far I am adoring the Guardian!

      I think you can also get around the paywall by deleting cookies and Joan says incognito mode in Chrome works too.

      I’m ignoring both and seeing this as a fabulous opportunity to stop my addiction to clicking on every stupid article – hopefully it will result in my being much less stabby and ranty.

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