gateway crockery

When we moved into ThePalace(OfLove) we decided to replace our mismatched collection of cheap white china/stoneware with something more cohesive and of superior quality.

We searched far and wide and most of what we saw left us a bit underwhelmed … until we stumbled upon the heavily discounted teema by iittala at david jones. We bought two place settings each of red, grey and blue and they have filled us with delight.

Unfortunately, as is the way with these things, despite our extreme care, one of the grey bowls developed a crack. It was then we discovered why they were so heavily discounted – DJ’s no longer stocks them. ARGH! And despite not inconsiderable research we found that no-one in Sydney stocks them. ARGH! And shipping from overseas is prohibitively, insanely expensive. ARGH!

So I was thrilled when wandering through DJs a couple of weeks ago to find green(ish) teema bowls and plates!! A brand new colour, arrived the day before. I asked about other colours and they advised they didn’t stock them because no-one was buying it, but they could order in whatever I wanted, though it could take four months to arrive – HURRAH!

Of course I grabbed two each of the green – and hang the austerity measures.

And on the second day …


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