learning to chillax

After my long run yesterday1, I slothed about out the couch watching endless episodes of grand designs and messing about with felt.

It was immensely satisfying … and a good reminder that I do not need to be Achieving or feeling guilty for Not Achieving all the time.


1I hadn’t run any further than 6km for almost a month and was reminded via email late on Saturday evening that there is only 5 weeks to until the city2surf!

The run began all rather disastrously with early music failure followed quickly by device failure. I ran a route I estimated to be around 10km and it was exhausting – which made me panic rather a bit about the 14km in 5 weeks.

After I arrived home, I spent a good deal of time pouting and being way too hard on myself, then I measured the route and calculated I’d run 13.8km. D’oh.