tools of the trade

It has been quite Tedious at SaltMinesLimited over the past few weeks. A major KPI is not going to be met and those responsible are slinging mud far and wide in an effort to redirect attention from themselves and their massive failure.

Now that I am a manageress, I’m apparently important enough become a target – and the most hilariously preposterous allegations have been flung my way. Fortunately the ridiculousness is apparent to everyone (including the Important everyones), but it is really very confronting to have people you have worked closely with and have been close to for many years turning into complete, utter and sustained see-you-next-tuesdays at the first sign of adversity.

Because I am one to brood and get distracted, I’m having a good deal of trouble remaining calm and untroubled in the face of it all and am definitely considering seeking out meditation or something else to enable me to re-focus.

Clearly though, I have arrived.

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