you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

It is no secret that I’ve had a long-time loathing of the comments on sydney morning herald articles, but the crazy seems to have been kicked-up several notches lately.

I mentioned on twitter that 97.5% of the comments make me long for the End Times. Honestly, any article which even remotely mentions social justice issues will feature at least 75 declarations of “political correctness gone mad” and comments so hateful and intolerant that you quite despair of humanity.

So last Monday I stopped reading comments entirely and already I feel vastly more intelligent and much less stabby!

I think this is one project I will have no trouble continuing. But just in case I waver, the most excellent flashman brought the avoidcomments twitter bot to my attention – now I wake up to a pithy reminder to Stay Away.

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