projects progress: may

I know I always say this but, June?!?

  1. film: one new film per fortnight
    REVISED: Was on hiatus due to austerity measures. Then on the weekend we realised if we bought a Giant Television and Bluray player and watched the same number of films, we’d actually save about $600. So we did.

  2. foodz: one new recipe per week
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: slipped last week for the first time in an age and I’ve also been quite terrible at updating the year of dinners page

  3. da ‘hood: explore the neighbourhood once per month

  4. paint: 6 months to paint the interior of ThePalace(OfLove)
    NOT ON TRACK: With only a month to go things are not looking at all good for achieving this one!

  5. teev: watch something each week from the ridiculously extensive stash of video media
    NOT ACHIEVED: This really isn’t going too well is it?

  6. projects: complete one project from my dabbler email per month finish all of those things I started or abandon them.
    IN PROGRESS: Hand-stitched about 1/2 of the damask and knitted 1/3 of the hat. Must go through the stash for abandonment possibilities.

  7. learnin: (a) commence my manageress diploma (+ no dallying re assignments) – updated to include (b) be a better manageress.
    NOT ACHIEVED: (a) finally approval has come through! commences late June, spread over the rest of the year – unfortunately already I’ve been slacking on the pre-work.
    ACHIEVED: (b) MrT held me up as an example of excellent manageressing to the divisional management group at our meeting last week

  8. exercise: twice a week. incidental exercise does not count
    ACHIEVED: more running with brief forays into desperately needed abs work

  9. thing: find my thing (the least SMART of all the projects)
    MAYBE, POSSIBLY, ACHIEVED: Still very focussed on the running. I’ve registered for this edX course in an attempt to stop my brain atrophying and utilise my InformationSuperHighway time in a more productive fashion.

  10. sobriety: a dry (at least) January

Overall, I am less than pleased with progress this month. There was a whole lot of unpleasant stuff going down at SML which has distracted me quite a lot (when your job involves monitoring progress and people are failing spectacularly, they can engage in quite revolting behavior). Hopefully may rise above in June!

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