Yes, I’m going to mention running again (hey, maybe it is my thing after all?), but only in an incidental kind of way.

Since acquiring my Ace! new gadget and busting out the ipod shuffle, I no longer drag my phone on runs with me. No phone means no camera which means no documenting any cool / weird things I see on my route.

And so it was today that as I ran past Sydney University (ahem, 11.4km. WOO!) I was extremely disappointed that I could not share an image of the giant pile of horse poo piled on the footpath with “this is what the Government thinks of your education” written alongside in rainbow-coloured chalk. Ahhh, students … such earnest poppets!

I am exercising admirable restraint in not buying this adorable teeny camera or this adorable teeny camera to accompany my outings. Really, it would be quite selfless of me to buy one, it isn’t fair that you miss out.

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