Don has been longing to buy a side of farm animal for as long as we’ve been together, so back when we were searching for OurVeryOwnHaus one of our prerequisites was room for a chest freezer so we could buy / store food in bulk.

It has taken us almost a year, but we’ve finally acquired a side of lamb! Free-range, organic, saltbush lamb ordered and delivered from Wellington Farm Lamb.

It was remarkably inexpensive when you consider that one can pay up to $40 per kg for some cuts of hormone-riddled supermarket lamb. They were really fantastic to deal with, the lamb looks brilliant and I cannot wait to get stuck in.

Today, being a public holiday, we’re busting out Bill Grainger’s slow-cooked leg of lamb with parmesan and anchovy potatoes. We cooked this during the Easter break and it was so outstandingly outstanding that we plan for it to be our slow-cooked lamb recipe of choice (sorry Brigitte).

I really like the idea of directly supporting farmers. Next, we need to source some pig and cow (then we’ll be totes ready for the end-times).

We’ve been idly considering some sort of vegetable delivery, but we’re really dreadfully wasteful on the vegetable front, so I don’t think the idle consideration will manifest into actual, you know, action.

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