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After completing the painting of the main bedroom (though as mentioned in the projects update, there is still the issue of the glossy white trim), we realised we were in need of something for our bedroom to fill the cavernous (to us) empty space – and settled on storage – which we are somewhat lacking.

Initially, as a not-too-expensive temporary solution, I suggested two of the BESTÅ storage combination with doors in white with added wheels (of course). We are crazy for wheels and I’d have them on just about everything if I could.

So we trekked to IKEA to check out BESTÅ in person. Sadly, BESTÅ in person was really not going to cut it, but while wandering through Don suggested the stolmen drawers and they seemed vaguely familiar to me.

When we arrived home I realised I’d seen the combination on one of my favourite blogs a little over a year before. They looked so great in chezerby loft, that we were convinced! And thus trekked back again the next weekend (afterwhich we vowed would be our last trip for a year – possibly longer) to grab the necessary supplies1.

We’re pretty dazzled by the (badly photographed) results:

And seriously, we’re hoping that was the absolutely last major thing we buy for ThePalace(OfLove) for a very very very long time.

1Despite the extremely favourable exchange rate, ours cost $120 more than the zerby version because we pay the highest prices for IKEA in the world.

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